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Kaya Shows The Way is the fifth book in the Kaya series.



Only in Kaya Shows The Way[]

Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: The Sound of the Falls[]

Chapter Two: Dangerous Crossing![]

Chapter Three: Stranded by the Storm[]

Chapter Four: A New Path[]

Looking Back: Summer in 1764[]

Discusses the Nimíipuu lifestyle during the summer months. Topics include:

Items associated with Kaya Shows The Way[]


  • In the abridged version of Kaya's stories, Kaya: Smoke on the Wind, this book is greatly removed and reduced to a single chapter, "The Sound of the Falls." Other than the arrival of Kaya's tribe at the falls (which is reduced), the river crossing and Tatlo falling into the river, and Kaya finding Speaking Rain, no other parts of the book are included. Thus, rather than the conflict of Speaking Rain staying with White Braids and her vow, it is implied (with the removals) that Speaking Rain remains full time with her family.


  1. Pg. 73 Glossary Wa wama aye khal- the season when the salmon swim upstream to spawn; August