This article is about the abridged 2019 version. For the BeForever version, see Smoke on the Wind.

Kaya: Smoke on the Wind is a bound, abridged book of the four last books of Kaya's Central Series.

Stories Included

Changes from Smoke on the Wind

  • Prior illustrations, including the Friends and Family/dramatis personae are restored.
  • A diagram of a Niimíipuu longhouse is shown at the start of the volume.
  • A paragraph at the start explains that Kaya and her people are Niimíipuu (also known by the exonym Nez Perce) and speak the Nez Perce language, or Niimiipuutímt. Therefore several words of the language are used, which are defined in the glossary. The meaning of Kaya's name is also given.
  • Nearly all of Kaya and Lone Dog is removed. "A Starving Dog" introduces Lone Dog and "Newborn Puppies" discusses Kaya finding the puppies, but multiple events in between are removed. The story jumps directly to the second half of A Sad Parting in the second half of "Newborn Puppies," where Lone Dog leaves but Tatlo stays with Kaya.
  • Nearly all of Kaya Shows the Way is removed. "The Sound of the Falls" contains the arrival at the falls, river crossing, and reunion with Speaking Rain. But while there is a brief mention of White Braids, there is no subsequent conflict of Speaking Rain's vow to live with White Braids and never leave her. It is thus implied in the text that Speaking Rain remains with her own tribe full time after her return.
  • Chapter Eleven, "The Rogue Stallion's Herd," is renamed "Found."

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