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Kaya's Trading Feast and Tule Mat.

Kaya's Trading Feast and Tule Mat (originally Kaya's Foods) was introduced to Kaya's Collection in 2002, modified in 2007, and retired in 2016 before returning in 2019. In its first run, the retail cost was $20 and later increased to $28. Current retail cost is $48.


Kaya Foods II Big

Kaya's Foods, 2007 revision.

Woven cornhusk basket with beige and black sections. Brown woven shoulder strap with brown and red pattern. The basket has been shown worn several different ways. One way is with the basket strap worn across both shoulders and the braided section tied at the waist.

Tule Mat[]

Thatched tule mat made out of wooden reeds. 25*8.25 inches (13.5*21 cm) when fully laid out.


Brown translucent plastic bowl with molded designs. This was advertised as a faux etched horn bowl to be used for serving food.

Camas Root[]

Original set came with two loose dark beige camas roots. By 2009, the camas roots came molded together instead in a group of four.

These were advertised as a frequent food for the Nez Perce- they could be baked and then mashed or ground into meal to make dough for cakes.


The original huckleberries came as one bunch with a few empty spaces where magnetic huckleberries attached. They came with approximately 3 separate magnetic berries.

The magnetic berries were removed in 2007 and replaced with berries molded together into a pile.



Kaya's Foods, 2002 edition.

Three strips of red dried salmon.

Mashed Camas[]

Beige mashed camas root that fits in bowl.

Finger Cakes[]

Original version has three separate cakes. By 2009, these were attached together.


Green huckleberry leaves on branches, used to cover the food in the basket.

Instruction Booklet[]

The original version of this set came with an instruction booklet. This listed the components of the set and explained how to arrange the branches in the basket. After putting items in the basket, branches should be inserted into the openings around the top edge of the basket. This will keep the branches evenly spaced and above the food.


  • Kaya's berries had to be modified in 2007 as a safety concern. If someone swallows two magnets, they can cause serious internal injuries. A number of other toys were recalled that year for their small magnetic pieces, including Magnetix and some Polly Pocket sets.