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Kaya's Animals.

Kaya's Animals were introduced to Kaya's Collection in 2008 and retired in 2015. Retail cost was $48.


Black and light brown plush bear cub. Measures about 10" long and 7" tall. Black plastic eyes with yellow rim. Light brown fur inside ears and on nose. Black fabric nose with black string mouth below it. Light brown on bottom of feet. Beans in bottom of feet.


Brown and white plush deer that measures about 11" high and 11" long. Black fabric nose with white under muzzle. Black string mouth. Black eye sockets with brown plastic eyes. Floppy ears with white inside them. Back has white spots on it. White stomach panel that extends up to tail. Tail has white inside it. Black fabric feet.


White bunny with pink string mouth and plastic eyes. Pink string on paws.