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Kathleen Murphy.

Kathleen Murphy is one of the Girls of Many Lands, representing Ireland during the global Great Depression. Kathleen was released in 2003 along with Leyla and Saba. She is the primary character of Kathleen: The Celtic Knot.

Personality and Facts[]

Kathleen Murphy is a twelve year old girl living in Dublin, Ireland in 1937. She is very good at Celtic dancing, or Irish dancing. She is often not in favor of her family's social status, and hopes one day to be rich. She admires and is really close with her Aunt Polly, who she considers her best friend. Polly is older, and so she tries to encourage Kathleen to do something with her life and live beyond Ireland. Kathleen is always curious about the world and always asks lots of questions. She does not understand why adults do not have meaning for the things they do. Kathleen often finds herself in trouble with the nuns at her school, as she is always late. She is the object of teasing by Tess O'Hara because her family is poor. Kathleen does not consider herself very religious, but is honest with herself and others.




Kathleen doll and book.

The Kathleen doll was intended for display only. Her red hair came in nine sausage curls and she had green-hazel eyes and freckles. The components of her outfit were:

  • Green wool Irish dance dress with three-quarter flared sleeves and pleated skirt; embroidered Celtic knots of purple and gold with green accents at bodice, gold satin lining edge at sleeves; three attached silver dance medals at waist.
  • Green wool cape (brat) with gold silk lining, gold trim, and Celtic knots of purple and gold with green accents at corners; attaches to shoulders of dress with gold broach school pins (and snaps underneath) and sewn to dress at bottom hem
  • Green wool beret with gold school pin and yellow feather
  • Black tights
  • Black dance shoes (ghillies) with elastic cords
  • Silver dance medal on green cord on wrist
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