The Karate Training Outfit as seen on Just Like You 28 and Just Like You 22.

The Karate Training Outfit was a Just Like You outfit released in 2007 and retired in 2009. Retail cost was $34.

Karate Top


Close up on image on back of top.

White wrap top. On back of top is orange and purple yin yang (the center circles are replaced with stars) with purple circle and starburst trim. Strength * courage * commitment above and karate underneath in purple; the top words are spaced out with stars. Ties inside.

Karate Pants

White pants. Elastic waist.

Training Shirt


Symbol on top.

White tee with pink sleeves. Center front has Japanese kanji for "karate" in red. Velcros up the back.

Training Pants

Red pants. Elastic waist



Belts and practice pad.

Nine martial arts belts with stitched stripes: white, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, red, brown and black.


Thin red headband.

Practice Pad

Purple rectangular pad. Two lavender straps on back to hold on to doll's arm.


Kendal: Karate Girl: Article about girl who does karate.


  • While the symbol on the shirt was marketed as the Korean symbol for "courage", this is wholly incorrect.

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