Kanani's Lu'au Set.

Kanani's Lu'au Set is part of Kanani's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2011. The retail cost was $28 (originally $30 when the anklets were included.)


Soft purple halter top.


Double-layered floral-print hot pink and purple auana[1] skirt. Peplum at the waist.


Purple and yellow pretend 'uli 'uli gourds. Attached straps.


Faux floral hair wreath of large pink hibiscus with green leaves.


Pink lei necklace made of small faux flowers matching those in the anklets. One large fake flower in center of lei; this matches those in the hair wreath.


Kanani's Lu'au Set with anklets.

Two faux pink flower anklets. The anklets were removed from the set very early in production due to their causing staining.


  • The first set of wreathes, leis, and anklets stained doll vinyl. It was most noticeable on the ankles, leading to the removal of the anklets in the set. The earlier sets are a brighter pink color. Later sets are a more muted, light pink.

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