Kailey's Wet Suit and Bikini.

Kailey's Wet Suit and Bikini is part of Kailey's Collection and, like her, was released in 2003 and retired in 2004. The retail cost was $22.

Wet Suit

Lavender, dark blue, and silver trimmed spandex body suit with open collar. Zips up the front. AG logo on left leg (images showed it on the right).

Water Socks

Dark blue, lavender and pink-trimmed neoprene water socks with thick textured bottoms and back heel strap with tab.


Green flower-print spandex bikini; includes midriff top with scoop back and Velcro closure and a boy short bottom with belt. Designed to also be worn under wet suit.

Dress Like Your Doll

Children's bikini.

The child-sized bikini (with standard briefs instead of boy shorts) was released as the Flower Print Bikini in 2004. Retail cost was $42.

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