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Kailey's Snorkel Set.

Kailey's Snorkel Set is part of Kailey's Collection and, like her, was released in 2003 and retired in 2004. The retail cost was $16.


Blue and aqua snorkel. Silver paint at top where snorkel would go above water. Purple flexible rubber mouthpiece. Like a real snorkel, this is hollow inside and has a small hole where tube connects to the mouthpiece.


Aqua mask with light green straps that can be adjusted. Lavender starfish molded on either side of the mask. A flexible purple piece is cupped around the green strap, and the snorkel can fit through two holes to attach to the mask. Purple piece, along with snorkel, can move to either side of the mask or can be removed entirely.


Aqua rubber fins with silver foot cups, lavender starfish accents, and green flexible straps. Straps can be removed to put fins on doll.


Blue and lavender pretend underwater camera with place for sticker film; when green lever is pushed, film images come out. Film compartment opens in back by pressing two buttons.

Green wrist strap. Bottom right corner has purple, blue, and green AG logo also seen on Kailey's wet suit, boogie board, and board bag.


Two rolls of sticker film to be inserted into the camera. Images have photos of tide pool creatures. Each image on the sticker film can also be individually torn off from the rest of the roll. These photos are the same ones that appear in the guidebook. Four separate photos repeat on the roll, with a total of 12 stickers per roll. Each photo also has different colored backgrounds, alternating between light blue, blue, lime green, and purple.


Guidebook titled "Sea Snoop’s Guide to Tide Pools." Metal ring holds all of the pages together, and can be opened and closed to add or remove pages. Attached to the metal ring is a stretchy purple band with clear blue seashell charm. Purple band fits around doll's wrist for snorkeling.

Book has five glossy pages with images and text on both sides. Contains information about tide pools and tide pool creatures, including the hermit crab, bat star, sea urchin, and octopus.