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Kailey's Boogie Board.

Kailey's Boogie Board is part of Kailey's Collection and, like her, was released in 2003 and retired in 2004. The retail cost was $20.

Boogie Board[]

Silver boogie board decorated in silver metallic starfish design and purple accents. Two purple stripes with "American Girl" in running pattern down the middle of stripes. Blue, purple, and green AG logo at bottom of board. Logo matches the one on Kailey's board bag, wet suit, and camera.

Pattern is identical on both sides of board. Clear plastic shell covers whole board.

A version of this board is on the cover of Kailey. However, the cover board does not have "American Girl" written on it.

Wrist Leash[]

Purple wrist leash connected to bard. Light blue wrist strap with velcro. Wrist strap clips onto leash and can be removed.

Board Bag[]

Purple board bag to store board in. Design with white stripes and AG logo on one side, plain on back. Zippered pocket at bottom. Bag also opens with a zipper at the top to fit the board. Purple mesh at bottom of bag; on a real board bag, water would be able to drip out here. Two fabric handles as well as long purple fabric shoulder strap. Shoulder strap clips onto bag and can be removed.

Board Wax Jar[]

Purple "board wax" jar; contains pink lip balm. Lid has lavender background with a blue and green starfish in center. "AG Boogie Balm" written in repeating circle pattern around edge of lid. Purple font here matches font on boogie board.