Just Josefina is part of the Short Stories collections, focusing on Josefina Montoya.



Story Summary

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Looking Back: Women's Rights in 1824

Discusses a woman's legal rights in New Mexico. Topics include:

  • The many responsibilities that New Mexican women had in the early 1800s.
  • How contrasted an American woman's rights were to a New Mexican woman's, which were deeply rooted in Spanish traditions.
  • The legal rights and actions women would take, including the allowance to sue her husband.
  • Dona Tules, a brave woman who ran her own gambling house and became an adviser to both Spanish and American soldiers.
  • How trading with the American changed how New Mexican women dressed, and the eventual loss of their legal rights in 1848.

Activity: Make Empanaditas

Learn how to make an apple empanadita.

Glossary of Spanish Words

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