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Julie and the Eagles is the fourth book in the Julie series. It is analogous to the other Birthday Books for the Historical Characters.


Only in Julie and the Eagles[]

Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: A Cry in the Park[]

Chapter Two: Feathered Friends[]

Chapter Three: Endangered[]

Chapter Four: Earth Day[]

Chapter Five: Trying to Fly[]

Chapter Six: Happy Birthday, Julie![]

Looking Back: Caring for the Earth in the 1970s[]

Discusses environmentalism during the 1970s. Topics covered:

  • The growing understanding that nature needed protection from human activity
  • The fact that just setting natural areas aside in parks and preserves was not enough
  • Rachel Carson, who revealed in her book Silent Spring that the commonly used pesticide DDT was poisoning insects who ate DDT-sprayed plants, which, in turn, poisoned animals that ate the insects
  • What would have happened to birds if they ate DDT-contaminated plants and animals
  • The creation of the Clean Air Act of 1963 and the Environmental Protection Agency to help with protecting the natural world
  • The first Earth Day celebration in America on April 22, 1970
  • Measures dealt with companies who wished to work in natural areas after Congress banned DDT in 1972
  • Various reasons why bald eagles were considered to be an endangered species during the 1970s
  • The comeback of bald eagles being considered as one of the environmental movement's biggest successes
  • Julia Butterfly Hill, who climbed up and lived in a 200 foot redwood tree in order to protect it from being cut down

Items Associated with Julie and the Eagles[]


  1. In Chapter 1, Julie mentions to Ivy there are only twenty eight more days until her birthday.