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Julie Saves The Eagles is a computer game mostly based on Julie Albright's book Julie and the Eagles. The main goal in the game is to help Julie find ways to finance an eagle release.


Julie Saves The Eagles is comprised of different locations, which are unlocked throughout the game.

  • Julie's Street (This location is available from the beginning of the game)
  • Chinatown, San Francisco
  • Golden Gate Park
  • North Beach (where Julie's father and Ivy's family live)
  • Julie's Schoolyard and Library
  • Rescue Center (Also referred to throughout the game as The Randall Museum )
  • Marin County (A construction site)
  • San Bruno Mountain
  • The Earth Day event, also held in Golden Gate Park

List of Characters[]

Julie Saves The Eagles includes a few amount of character's from Julie Albright's stories, as well as some new neighbors and shopkeepers.

Inexplicably, Julie's older sister, Tracy Albright, who plays a main supporting role in the book series, does not make an appearance in the game, while Julie's mother and father do.

  • Julie Albright
  • Ivy Ling (Julie is able to ask Ivy for help)
  • Joyce Albright (Julie is able to ask Joyce, her mother, for help)
  • Daniel Albright
  • Marilyn Ling (See "Trivia" below)
  • Robin Young
  • Thomas "T. J." Jefferson
  • Gung Gung
  • Violet Woodacre
  • Golden Gate Park Candy Vendor
  • Young Boy Flying a Kite
  • Camera Salesman on Julie's Street
  • Kite Shop owner (Name signed as "R. Henderson" on petition; also refers to self as Mister Kite)
  • Man with Guitar on Julie's Street
  • Fishmonger
  • Chinatown Shopkeeper
  • Chinatown Fortune Cookie Baker
  • Chinatown Pharmacist
  • Marin County Construction Foreman


  • Ivy's mother is given a name: Marilyn Ling.
  • The Kite Vendor on Julie's street asks Julie and Ivy to call him Mister Kite; this is a possible reference to the Beatles's song, "Being For The Benefit of Mister Kite".
  • Julie is one of the first Characters to receive a game that she does not share with other characters, along with Kit Kittredge and Mia St. Clair.[2]


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  2. Games were released for other Historical Characters, but involved multiple characters.