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The Julie doll with The Big Break.

The Julie Albright doll was released in 2007 and updated in Fall 2014 with BeForever.

Julie Doll[]

  • Face Mold: Josefina Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Brows: Straight
  • Hair: Blonde, hip length, straight, no bangs, center part
Julie comes with a thin braid on the right side of her hair.
  • Eyes: Dark brown.

Meet Outfit[]

First Edition[]


The Julie doll with Meet Julie.

Julie's meet outfit is an example of what many girls wore in the 1970s. Fashion and social mores had changed to permit women and girls to wear pants casually and in work and educational settings (and legally allowed in school with the passage of Title IX in 1972, which prevented dress codes being explicitly sex-discriminated, e.g. could not state that girls were required to wear skirts and dresses to school), making this the first major historical era where denim pants were fashionable for everyday public wear for all and not regulated to blue-collar work or at-home/casual pants. Furthermore, clothing was starting to lean towards a more "natural" and less formal dress than previous eras, with lots of emphasis on natural fabrics and loose dress.

After the launch of BeForever, the set was sold as Julie's Classic Outfit for $36 until it was retired.


Multicolored striped long sleeved turtleneck.


White, loosely worn peasant-style yoked blouse. Fabric is pleated to a crinkle. Short bell sleeves. Blue and bronze embroidery on the front yoke.


Two-toned bell-bottom jeans. The outside of each leg and the back of the jeans are a darker denim, while the inside of each leg is a light denim.


Braided leather belt with pony beads knotted onto the ends.


Tan-colored sandals. They originally had a cork bottom, but were soon changed to faux cork vinyl. Elastic bands help keep them on.


Pink panties with a printed butterfly.

BeForever Version[]


Julie's BeForever Outfit.

The BeForever Outfit for Julie was available alone for $36 starting in 2014 and retired as a separately available purchase in 2019.

Tank Top[]


Bright yellow crocheted vest.


Light denim bell-bottom jeans. Fabric panel inset on outside of each leg with yellow fabric with flowers on it. Flowers are pink, orange, and blue shades. Orange contrast stitching on jeans. Velcro closure in front. Elastic waistband in back.



Foam sandals with purple vinyl strap across top of foot that attaches with velcro. Decorative silver buckle on outside of foot. Foam base is multicolored ivory and brown pattern. Clear plastic strap attached to keep shoe on doll's foot. These use the same design as the sandals in Julie's Summer Skirt Set.

Meet Accessories[]

First Edition[]


Julie's Meet Accessories.


Purple crocheted beanie-style cap. Flower design.


Faux-suede shoulder bag purse. Flower stamps on the front. Snap clasp.

Gold Necklace[]

Gold chain necklace with Julie written in script. Clasp back.

Bicentennial Quarter[]

A replica of a Bicentennial quarter; this was part of a series of commemorative quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coins issued in 1975 and 1976 to celebrate the 200th anniversary (Bicentennial) of the United States. Printed to resemble a coin printed from the San Francisco Mint, which was still in operation.

BeForever Version[]


Julie's BeForever Meet Accessories.


Tye-dyed print drawstring bag with a matching shoulder strap. Print has


Brown suede braided headband with a large pink faux flower attached. Flower has a yellow center. The headband is styled with the flower on the left side of Julie's head.


Circular purple sunglasses with tinted brown lenses. The later version of the glasses has American Girl printed in white on the frame.

Third Version[]

JulieAccessories 2019

Julie's Third Meet Accessories.

Julie's third set of Meet Accessories added the following items and the price rose to $36.


Gold chain necklace with "Julie" written in script. Clasp back.


White paper petition printed on lined notebook paper with three hole punches. Petition has "Let Girls Play, Too" written at the top, followed by 19 names with signatures. There are drawings on the side with a basketball going into a basket, a sneaker, and someone spinning a basketball on their finger.


Brown clipboard with silver clasp for petition. Board has daisy and smiley face stickers.


Purple wooden non functional pencil.

Fourth Version[]


Julie's Fourth Meet Accessories.

The fourth version had the price drop to $32.


The headband is unchanged from the BeForever release.



The necklace is a modified version of the necklace from the Classic accessories. The clasp is now the heart link style.

Mood Ring[]

The mood ring is similar to the one from Julie's Birthday Gifts.

Mood Ring Board[]

The mood ring board is similar to the one from Julie's Birthday Gifts.

Dress Like Your Doll: BeForever[]

An outfit and accessory set inspired by Julie's BeForever Meet Outfit was available:

  • Peace Petals Tee: $32
  • Tie-Dye Belted Skirt: $38
  • Flower Power Leggings: $24
  • Crocheted Flower Hat: $16
  • Tie-Dye Tote: $28

Mini Dolls[]

Julie's mini doll was released when she debuted. The doll's body, meet, and book changed in 2014 with the start of BeForever.