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Julie's Two-in-One Summer Outfit with Julie's Roller Skates.

Julie's Two-in-One Summer Outfit was introduced to Julie's Collection in 2008, modified in 2012, and retired in 2015. It is paired with Julie's Roller Skates and loosely associated with the book Julie's Journey[1]. Retail cost was $36.


Terrycloth hooded jacket. White with blue sleeves and pockets. Red satin zipper, trim and hood. Silver rhinestone star with rainbow rhinestone trail on left chest.


Red satin shorts with white trim and elastic waist.


Yellow halter top skirted swimsuit. White lace trim. Red, white, and blue flower pattern on fabric.

Flip Flops

Red foam flip-flops with clear elastic on back.


Red plastic oval sunglasses.


Red, yellow, green and blue striped towel. Red and blue flowers in white space at each end. White fringe.


Julie's Swim Set.

  • In 2012, the jacket and shorts were retired from Julie's collection, and her swimsuit was sold on its own as Julie's Swim Set, for a cost of $32. It was retired in 2015.


  1. The top is seen in the book, but the swimsuit is not associated.

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