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Julie's Summer Skirt Set.

Julie's Summer Skirt Set was introduced to Julie's Collection in 2011 and retired in 2017. Retail cost was $28.


Ivory off-the-shoulder smocked shirt. Ruffled, stretchy top edge that covers shoulders. Blue bow sewn to front of shirt. Multicolored thread used along elastic, which includes a line each of red, orange, blue, and purple.


Striped skirt. Chevron pattern with seam in center and lines pointing toward center. Stripes of various widths and colors, including red, bright blue, orange, purple, and white. Waistband is made of the same fabric. Front of skirt has a faux belt attached through belt loops. Belt is red vinyl with an attached gold buckle in center. Closes in back with velcro.


Braided suede headband. Fringe is left loose on the ends. Three vinyl flowers are sewn to it: a large red flower with two smaller purple flowers on either side. A sequin and a bead are sewn in the center of each flower. The small flowers have a round sequin, and the large center flower has a flower-shaped sequin.


Foam sandals with blue vinyl strap across top of foot that attaches with velcro. Decorative silver buckle on outside of foot. Foam base is multicolored ivory and brown pattern. Clear plastic strap attached to keep shoe on doll's foot. This sandal design was used again for the sandals in Julie's second meet outfit.