Julie's Journey is the fifth book in the Julie series.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Flying

Chapter Two: Wagons, Ho!

Chapter Three: Lightning Kelly

Chapter Four: Making History

Chapter Five: Valley Forge

Looking Back: At America's Bicentennial

Discusses America's Bicentennial in 1976. Topics covered:

  • The demand for special events to not only celebrate the Bicentennial, but to also inspire others to think about American history.
  • The Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commission sending the first Bicentennial wagon trains to each state in 1975, with each wagon passing out re-dedication scrolls as they toured their state.
  • How local people helped the travelers during their journey, and the hardships travelers faced during their journey to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • The Freedom Train, a steam-powered locomotive that toured around America with various treasures and artifacts, it's last stop being in San Francisco.
  • Various ways the Bicentennial was celebrated across the United States.
  • The Bicentennial inspiring many Americans to take an interest with traditional American skills and their genealogies.
  • People who sold various souvenirs and patriotic-themed items in order to cash-in to the Bicentennial, thus why the term "buy-centennial" was used by some.
  • Issues that surrounded the Bicentennial, including the lack of recognition Native Americans received and the doubt some felt about whether or not Americans could come together after being divided with Watergate and the Vietnam War.
  • President Ford's Bicentennial speech at Valley Forge, in which he hailed both the patriots at Valley Forge and the pioneers of the American frontier.

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  1. Julie begins her first journal entry two days after she arrived in Pennsylvania. The first entry was dated on June 15th.
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