Julie's Hairstyling Set.

Julie's Hairstyling Set was introduced to Julie's Collection in 2014 and retired in 2016. Retail cost was $24.

Hair Dryer

Yellow handheld hair dryer. Molded vents on body. Speaker on back under molded vents. "powerpro" in lowercase block letters on sides of body under vents. Silver metal non-functional heating element; two retractable hooks beneath to hold attachments in place. Red rectangular button outlined in black on handle front; when pressed and hair dryer is on, plays blow dryer noise for approximately 8 seconds. Master on/off switch on back under vents. White nub at bottom of handle. Yellow plastic loop at back to help doll hold dryer in hand.

Requires three AG13 (LR44) 1.5 button cell batteries (included); cover on handle accessible with Phillips head screwdriver.

Brush Attachment

Metal pronged brush. Yellow body, white base for tines. Attaches to front over "heat" element of dryer along grooves.

Comb Attachment

Yellow plastic wide tooth comb attachment. Attaches to front over "heat" element of dryer along grooves.

Hair Bows

Two striped permanently knotted rainbow ribbon bows attached to white elastics. Stripe pattern from top to bottom is red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, white.


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