This is a list of all the items that have been or are currently available for Julie Albright in her Historical Collection. Items in italics have been retired.

Doll and Meet Accessories

Julie comes with a copy of Julie: The Big Break.
Julie originally could come with a copy of Meet Julie or a boxed set of all six Central Series books (hardback or paperback). With BeForever, Julie came with a copy of The Big Break.

BeForever and Post-BeForever Outfits

BeForever and Post-BeForever Accessories

Inspired-By Clothing

Julie's School Collection

Julie's School Collection was unique among the historical characters with school collections. Rather than focusing on the schoolroom aspect of education, Julie's focus was on basketball. This is because one of the central themes to Julie's stories is Title IX and women's equality in school sports. The subplot of Julie fighting to join and subsequently playing on her school's otherwise all-male basketball team is important to the first two stories in her series. To highlight this, her school collection initially centered on basketball.

Julie's Holiday Collection

Julie's holiday collection focuses on the tea with her father; meanwhile the book, Happy New Year, Julie!, focuses on the Chinese New Year.

Julie's Birthday Collection

Julie's Summer Collection

Julie's Winter Collection

Julie's Bedtime Collection

Extra Items and Outfits

Extra Outfits

Extra Items


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