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Juliana Kolesova is the illustrator of the covers of all the BeForever Classic Series, My Journey Books, and, since 2015, Historical Character Mysteries. Since the books at the time contained no internal illustrations, these are the only places her art was initially seen.


Kolesova was born in and grew up in Russia. She graduated from the Moscow School of Applied Arts in 1984. She began her career as a painter, but later expanded into graphic design and illustrating. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where she is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Books Illustrated


Felicity Merriman

Caroline Abbott

Josefina Montoya

Addy Walker

Samantha Parkington

Rebecca Rubin

Kit Kittredge

Nanea Mitchell

Molly McIntire

Maryellen Larkin

Melody Ellison

Julie Albright

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