Joyce Albright is the mother of Julie Albright.

Basic Facts

  • Full Name: Joyce Albright
  • First Appearance: Meet Julie


Personality and Facts

Joyce owns a shop called Gladrags; however, Tracy had the idea for the name.

She divorced from her husband Daniel Albright because of different ideas about what women should do.

She is hardworking and motivated. She lived on a farm growing up and loved horses. She's very artistic and creative, just like Julie.

In The Books

Meet Julie: An American Girl

Julie Tells Her Story

Happy New Year, Julie!

Julie and the Eagles

Julie's Journey

Changes for Julie

The Tangled Web

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

The Silver Guitar

Message in a Bottle

A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie


  • In Julie Finds a Way, she tells Julie that when she was her age, her parents and she had to move to France. She had a hard time making friends until a girl complimented her dress. She also went to see the Eiffel Tower.
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