Joss is the first book about Joss Kendrick. It is included with the doll and is available separately.


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  • Joss Kendrick
  • Liam Kendrick
  • Dylan Kendrick
  • Mr. Kendrick
  • Mrs. Kendrick
  • Sofia Goto
  • Mrs. Goto
  • Nico
  • Reina
  • Tina Hart
  • Coach Kara
  • Harper
  • Mila
  • Murph
  • Brooklyn Tillerman

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Perfect Wave

Chapter Two: Bulldog on a Board

Chapter Three: The Bet

Chapter Four: At the Gym

Chapter Five: Dancing in the Sand

Chapter Six: Tryouts

Chapter Seven: The Big Decision

Chapter Eight: Bow On, Bracelet Off

Chapter Nine: Dog Beach

Chapter Ten: The Face-Plant

Chapter Eleven: The Goofy-Footed Cheerleader

Chapter Twelve: Stopped Motion

Chapter Thirteen: Pummeled

Chapter Fourteen: The Snake

Chapter Fifteen: The Surfers Code

Chapter Sixteen: The Victory Air

Chapter Seventeen: One Hundred Percent


A glossary of surf terms, cheer terms and other jargon and lingo used.

Discussion Guide

Four discussion questions about the book.

About the Author

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  1. The book starts on the first weekend of May and ends on the day of the contest results. This is International Surfing Day, which is June 20.
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