Joss's Nfinity Cheer Backpack Set.

Joss's Nfinity Cheer Backpack Set is part of Joss's Collection. The retail cost is $40.


Blue glitter bow on elastic hair tie.


White ankle socks. Socks are light blue at the toes and heel and have two light blue stripes around ankle. Top of socks has a light blue and light green "Cheer" graphic with stars.


Glittery pink cheer backpack. White Nfinity logo on top front pocket and white "Nfinity" stitched on bottom pocket. Black zippers with white silver zipper pulls. Backpack has two pockets on the front and a big central pocket. Black mesh water bottle holders on either side and black carry strap at top.

Makeup Kit

Black faux makeup set. Set has a mirror on the lid and five makeup colors in the palette. Light blue makeup brush fits in kit.

Hair Styling Tool

Blue and black plastic handle for styling tool. Comes with two attachments: a silver curling iron and a black hair straightener.


Five hairbands. Has one each in black, light blue, peach, white, and bright pink.

Bobby Pins

Four brown metal bobby pins.

Teasing Comb

Peach plastic teasing comb. This is a variation of the teasing comb in the Nfinity Cheer Set.


  • Although the full size was not sold by American Girl, the backpack is a miniature version of Nfinity's Millennial Pink Backpack.

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