Josefina Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Josefina series.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: The Bird-Shaped Flute

Josefina sits on a breezy hilltop, playing her flute, which is shaped like a bird and sounds like one as well. Josefina and her family are visiting her grandfathers rancho about a mile from Santa Fe. They arrived just a few days ago and the trip was hot and dusty. They had planned the trip for almost a year prior. They need to be in Santa Fe when the wagon train from the United States arrives because Josefina's father wants to trade with the americanos. If the americanos pay well, the Montoya's will be able to replace the sheep that were killed in a flood last fall. She prays that the trades go well because they will have a hard winter ahead of them if they don't.

Josefina and her sister are exited to see the fancy things the americanos would bring. After finishing her chores she would climb on the hilltop to look out for their wagon every day.

Josefina hears a sound, which she first thinks is a bird but it turns out to be a person whistling. She greets the person, expecting it to be one of her sisters. But it is a young man Josefina doesn't know. She immediately gets up, folds her hands and looks at the ground, because this is the polite way for a child to hand in front of an adult. She can tell that his shoes are from the United States since her grandfather has a pair of boots just like that he bought from the americanos.

The young man greets Josefina in Spanish in an foreign accent. Josefina suspects that he is an American, which she finds exiting because she never met an American before. She raises her eyes to look at him, deciding that he has a nice face and a friendly smile. He apologizes for surprising her, but he thought that she was a bird. Josefina wants to ask who he is, but doesn't dare to.

Chapter Two: Heart's Desire

Chapter Three: A Charm from the Sky

Chapter Four: Shining Like Hope

Looking Back: Outdoors in 1824

Discuses how New Mexicans spent time outdoors in 1824. Topics include:

  • The weather and landscape of New Mexico.
  • What chores people did outside.
  • New Mexican plazas.
  • Reasons why people would travel.
  • What people traded for and trading trips with families.
  • Santa Fe's plaza and what was sold there.
  • How los americanos traveled to Santa Fe.
  • New ideas los americanos brought to New Mexico.
  • The day when los americanos arrived and how it was celebrated.

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