The Josefina doll with Sunlight and Shadows.

The Josefina Montoya doll was released in 1997 and updated in Fall 2014 with BeForever.

Josefina Doll

  • Face Mold: Josefina Mold - Josefina was the first doll with this face mold.
  • Skin: Medium
  • Hair: Very dark brown with auburn highlights, straight, no bangs, no part
Josefina comes with her hair braided back.
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Brows: Feathered
  • Other: Josefina has permanent gold hoop earrings in each ear.

Meet Outfit

First Edition


Josefina with Meet Josefina.

Josefina's meet outfit reflects daily fashion on a Mexican rancho in 1824; women wore less restrictive clothing than what was worn in white American fashion of the time. Casual clothing consisted of long blouses with simple skirts and sashes. The outfit shows influences from Native people of the area as well.

After the launch of BeForever, the set was sold (minus hair accessories) as Josefina's Classic Outfit for $36.


White camisa (blouse) with short puffed sleeves and a gathered neckline. Small white trim at neckline and sleeves. Velcros up the back. The camisa comes down to about the knees.


Maroon skirt with black flower print; waistband and white trim sewn to the bottom on a white fabric strip. Velcros near the waistband.


Brown woven sash with darker brown stripes. Braided at the ends. Worn around the waist over the skirt.


White knee-length drawers with elastic at the back and a V panel at the front.


Brown soft leather moccasins that lace up and tie in the front. The laces were originally a leather string, but have changed into a more shoe lace like string.

Hair Ribbon

1/4" wide dark turquoise ribbon. Is tied around the bottom of Josefina's braid.

Hair Flowers

Three faux yellow primroses on a shared plastic stem.

BeForever Version


Josefina's BeForever outfit.

The BeForever Outfit for Josefina was available alone for $36 starting in 2014 and retired as a separately available purchase in 2018.






Hair Ribbon

Hair Flowers

Meet Accessories

First Edition


Josefina's Meet Accessories.



Ways to wear Josefina's rebozo

A 34" long (not including fringe) by 5" wide rebozo with multicolored stripes. It is shown wrapped loosely around Josefina's arms on the cover of Meet Josefina. Comes with a pamphlet discussing three other ways to wear the rebozo--wrapped around the head to cover from the sun, tied around one shoulder to carry items, and wrapped and tied around the upper body.

Garnet Pendant Necklace

A gold cross-shaped pendant on a gold chain with a garnet stone in the center.

Leather Pouch

A leather sewn leather pouch that closes with a button and loop. It is designed to attach to the belt.

Embroidered Handkerchief

A white sheer handkerchief that has a Mexican style embroidered flower.

Jola coin

A replica of a copper jola coin. The pamphlet that discusses the rebozo also discusses the jola as a coin of Mexico.

Dress Like Your Doll

JosefinaMeetOutfit girls

Josefina's Meet Outfit for girls.

The matching outfit was available; it was phased out around 2000.

  • Camisa: $32
  • Skirt and sash: $45
  • Rebozo: $36
  • Necklace: $18 (sold as Josefina's Garnet Necklace)

Dress Like Your Doll: BeForever

BFDesertFlowerDress girls

Desert Flower Dress.

A dress inspired by Josefina's BeForever Meet Outfit, the Desert Flower Dress, was available for $52 and retired in 2017.

Pre-Mattel Differences

Specific differences between the Pre-Mattel and Mattel versions of the doll are minimal.


  • Josefina was the first doll released with her face mold, hence the fan nickname of "Josefina Mold."
  • Josefina is the only transitional BeForever Character who did not have her meet accessories updated.
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