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The Josefina Face Mold was the fourth face mold created for the American Girl Doll line. It was first used on Josefina Montoya, who was released in 1997.


Josefina's face mold has a somewhat longer, less upturned nose than the classic mold and a bit wider, though it is still thinner than the nose on the Addy mold. Compared to the classic and Addy molds, the lips are much fuller on the Josefina mold with a more pronounced philtrum. The eyes on the mold are shaped slightly differently than those on the classic and Addy molds; they are more oval with less pronounced corners. Above the eyes there is an indented line to show where the eyelids would fold. Also on the Josefina mold the chin is a little longer and sharper.

The shape of the Josefina mold head may be slightly different than that of the classic mold; many collectors claim that doll glasses do not fit on Josefina-style heads the way they do on classic-style heads.

This is the second-most prolific mold, behind the Classic Mold as of 2022; however, it only has approximately 25% as much use. It is also the only mold to be available in every skin tone option (Dark, Medium, and Light) outside of the Create Your Own Line.

In the Create Your Own system, the mold is described as "heart shaped face, oval-shaped eyes," or by shape, "teardrop."

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