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Josefina Learns a Lesson is the second book in the Josefina series.

The Spanish title is Josefina aprende una leccion: Un cuento de la escuela (Literally: "Josefina Learns a Lesson: A School Story")



Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Light and Shadow[]

Chapter Two: Turning Blankets Into Sheep[]

Chapter Three: Rabbit Brush[]

Chapter Four: The First Love[]

Looking Back: School in 1824[]

Discusses education in New Mexico. Topics include:

  • How New Mexican children were schooled, including Catholic mission schools for Puebo Indian children.
  • The use of a silabario (alphabet syllabary) to teach a child how to read, and what quill pens and ink-horns were made out of.
  • Why paper and books were so precious to families, and what kinds of books settlers would have.
  • What children were taught from their parents and grandparents, including household chores and farm work.
  • The religious education children received from their parents, and what Catholic priests taught children.
  • The use of cuentos (short stories) and dichos (sayings) to teach good behavior lessons to children.
  • What children were taught through Spanish songs, poems and plays, including the history of Spain.

Glossary of Spanish Words[]

In the back of Josefina Learns a Lesson is a glossary listing and defining the Spanish words used throughout the book along with an approximate pronunciation.

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