Josefina's Weaving Outfit.

Josefina's Weaving Outfit was introduced to Josefina's Collection in 2003 and retired in 2006. It is associated with the short story Thanks to Josefina. Retail cost was $24.


Off white cap sleeved camisa. High bodice; square neckline. Bodice has maroon embroidery of flower and two leaf vines. Neckline and sleeve hems trimmed with maroon embroidery. Velcros up the back. (Back is fully open.)


Off-white and floral lower calf length skirt. Top gore of skirt attached to floral print bottom; burgundy flowers with brown vines. Maroon ribbon sewn over seam between gore and skirt bottom.


Multi-striped woven sash. Maroon, blue, off white, black, and yellow.


Burgundy rebozo. Faint diamond print; fine fringe.

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