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Josefina's Song is part of the Short Stories collections, focusing on Josefina Montoya.




Meet the Author[]

Looking Back: Sheep in 1824[]

Discusses sheep-herding in New Mexico. Topics include:

  • Why sheep were considered so valuable to ranchos
  • When the first churros arrived in New Mexico.
  • Where a rancho's shepherd would take the herd of sheep during the summer, and where they would set up camp.
  • How dogs protected sheep from nomadic Indian tribes and wild animals, and the only weapon a shepherd would have had.
  • The dangers sheep faced during bad weather, and when the sheep were finally returned to their rancho.
  • How sheep were sheared during the spring, and how the whole sheepherding process would eventually repeat itself again.

Activity: Weave a Carpet Rug[]

Learn how to weave a mini-rug.

Glossary of Spanish Words[]

The book contains a glossary of the Spanish words used in the text.

Items Associated With Josefina's Song[]