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Josefina's Herb-Gathering Outfit over the Indigo Skirt and Camisa.

Josefina's Herb-Gathering Outfit was introduced to Josefina's Collection in 2006 and retired in 2007. Original retail cost was $24. It was shown over the Indigo Skirt and Camisa in most advertisements.


Orange weave rebozo. 5.5" by 37.5", not including fringe.


4" diameter woven basket.


Cloth purple flowers and yellow plants tied together with red ribbon.


Faux clay bird whistle on a black cord. It is smaller than the one with the Santa Fe Summer Fun set and also non-functional.


1.25" tall bowl with 2" diameter with faux-patina finish.


2.25" metal pestle with faux-patina finish.

Trading Cards[]

The set came with a set of trading cards, Autumn Fun, that discussed the outfit.

The back of Josefina's trading card reads:

Into the Hills

In autumn, Josefina loved to wrap herself in her rebozo, or shawl, and head into the rugged hills around her rancho to gather herbs. She gathered many different kinds of plants. Back at home she dried the leaves, stems, flowers, and roots so the could be stored whole or ground into powder.

What did Josefina make from the dried herbs?
a.) colorful dyes for wool
b.) healing teas
c.) ointments and salves

The answer, upside down at the bottom of the card, is all three.


Trading card set.

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