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John Abbott is the father of Caroline Abbott. She refers to him as "Papa."


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John is assisting Oliver Livingston on the maiden voyage of the new sloop White Gull, which Oliver has purchased from John and plans to use as a merchant ship on Lake Ontario. He scolds Caroline for letting go of the rail while the ship was turning (a mistake that caused her to slide across the deck) but softens toward her a few minutes later when the wind calms and lets her help at the tiller before the wind dies completely. When the British longboats arrive and men board White Gull, John remains level headed and keeps the conflict from escalating even as he and Oliver are taken prisoner and White Gull is stolen. Caroline's then-last glimpse of him is of John sitting "straight as a mast" as she is taken back to Sackets Harbor and he and the Livingstons are taken to Upper Canada.

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