Jill McIntire is the older sister of Molly McIntire.


Jill is Molly's older sister who is 14 when the series starts. Jill is said to be very sensitive. She loves stuff like beauty and fashion. She considers some of Molly's actions to be "immature" and is very grown up for her age. Like most teenage girls during that era she is very involved with the World War II effort.

In the Books

Meet Molly: An American Girl

Jill is first mentioned in Meet Molly as Molly’s older sister who is sitting at the table eating the turnips without complaining. She is washing them down with “lady like sips of water.” Molly comments that since Jill turned 14 she has become very grown-up and doesn’t like to do the childish things she used to. Jill likes to use the word “immature.” Jill is a freshman in high school and she is good friends with a girl named Dolores, who Ricky has a crush on. She and Dolores spend Halloween together and Dolores sleeps over at the McIntire house. The next day they plan to go to the movies together but are interrupted when Molly plays a prank on Ricky. Mrs. McIntire stops the prank and makes them come back to the house where she yells at them for these childish pranks. Jill and Dolores are punished and must baby-sit Brad for the day.

Molly's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Jill's role in Molly's Surprise is her biggest in the six book series. Jill is first seen lounging in a chair knitting a ski cap and listening with the other McIntires to the radio. She complains to Molly when Molly adds in her letter to dad: “we haven’t gotten any (presents) from you yet”. Jill claims that Dad will be hurt because by the time he gets this letter Christmas is over. If Dad did not send any presents he will feel bad and if he did it means they did not get home in time. Mrs. McIntire states that it’s Molly’s letter and she can write what she wants. After Mrs. McIntire and Brad leave Jill says it’s not practical to expect a lot of presents this year because factories aren’t producing toys due to the war. She says to expect boring presents like socks and underwear. She then leaves to go to bed. The next morning Jill is seen eating a sticky bun at the kitchen table with a fork, showing her maturity by not using her hands. She watches Ricky and Molly bring up the Christmas decorations and complains that they make the tree too "junky". She believes that they should only put red, white and blue balls on the tree this year because it is more practical and patriotic. Mrs. McIntire resolves the problem by stating that they could use the regular ornaments but put a flag on the top instead of a star. Jill replies, "I don't really care, I was just making a suggestion." After Mom and Brad leave, it is Jill who answers the phone from Grammy and Grandpa. They cannot come for Christmas because they got a flat tire and the spare one is too old to make such a long trip. Since Grammy and Grandpa were bringing the tree with them, the McIntires now do not have a tree. Jill suggests that they go buy one from the boy scouts. Molly, Jill and Ricky put together their money and go down to buy a tree. It is tiny but after decorating the tree they decide it is the most beautiful tree they have ever seen. While lying underneath it Molly admits to Jill that she is worried about not getting any presents from Dad because it could mean that he is sick or hurt and unable to send them. Jill agrees with Molly and the two silently think about Dad for a while. The next morning Molly wakes Jill early when she sees that it has snowed overnight. Jill yells at Molly to leave but later on comes out to play with her. While in the front of the house the girls notice a large lump on their front porch. The girls hurry over and dig it out to find the lump is a package from Dad. On the side it reads “Keep Hidden until Christmas” the girls are delighted to find that Dad is okay and decide to hide it in the storage room over the garage until Christmas Eve night. They struggle to take it to the storage room and hide it in a corner of the room. While doing this they manage to streak dirt across their jackets which Mom notices when they come inside. Molly struggles to keep the secret but Mom assumes that they were looking for sleds. That night the McIntire family gets ready for the Christmas Eve service. They get dressed up and go to church. When the come home they listen to Mom read The Night Before Christmas and then go up to bed. At midnight Molly and Jill go to retrieve the box. They sneak out of the house and get the box from the room and place it under the tree with Santa’s presents. The next morning they are woken up by Brad and go down to see the presents. The next morning, Ricky notices the box and rushes to open it. Inside are Christmas presents for the family. Jill gets a skating hat like the one she was knitting for Dolores ("much better than Dolores's" Jill adds with relief). The McIntires continue to open Christmas presents and turn on the radio. They listen to a program where an announcer is overseas talking to a group of soldiers. They hear Dad’s voice and he wishes all of them a Merry Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Molly!: A Springtime Story

Jill’s role in Happy Birthday, Molly! is very small. Molly talks about Jill briefly to Emily in the beginning and she is told to shut the blackout curtains when the air raid siren goes off. Finally she brings the puppies to Emily and Molly on Molly’s birthday.

Changes for Molly: A Winter Story

In Changes for Molly Jill is 15 years old and is singing in the choir for the "Hurray for the U.S.A" show. She curls Molly's hair for her after catching Susan and Linda trying to give Molly a home perm so Molly can play the part of Miss Victory in the show. She takes care of Molly when she is sick and is very happy to hear that Dad is coming home. Jill says that Molly has grown up a lot over the past few years, calling her mature (her biggest compliment). She explains to Molly that she is lucky because Molly still has a few more years to be a kid with Dad.

Molly and the Movie Star

On the day of the rally, Jill is calmly drinking juice in the kitchen when Molly rushes in to ask if she took one of Ricky's socks form her room last night. Jill says no, and Molly wails that she hid her class's war bond money in that sock and now it was missing. Jill asks why Molly hid the money in there, and Molly explains that she wanted it to be like in Melody Moore's movie. Jill sighs about Molly and her big ideas, and she helps her search the house to no avail.

When Molly is trying to figure out what to do, Jill suggests she could write a letter to her to explain what happened. When Ricky suggests she hide the letter in a sock, Jill yells 'No!' at him along with Molly.

Brave Emily

The Light in the Cellar

In the Film

Jill was portrayed by Genevieve Farrell. Jill constantly calls Molly a child and says that she is immature, more so than in Molly's books.

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