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The Jess Face Mold was the sixth face mold created for the American Girl Doll line. It was first used on Jess McConnell in 2006.


The Jess Mold has thinner and more almond-shaped eyes than the other molds, though they are not quite at the same slant or narrow as those of the Asian mold. The nose is less pointed and upturned than the one on the Classic mold and also appears to be very slightly wider. The lips on the mold are open a bit wider than the ones on the classic mold, though the two front teeth are still visible. The face is shorter and slightly rounder than the Classic mold with a slightly more pointed chin.

This is the only mold with a secondary variation of modified eye corners (often with painted shading), which was first done with the Ivy Ling doll. After its release, it became the dominant mold for East-Asian appearing dolls, and the Asian Mold was retired.

In the Create Your Own system, the mold is described as "square face, almond-shaped eyes," or by shape, "heart"; this was later changed to "square."

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