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The Jess Doll

The Jess McConnell doll was released in 2006 and available for only one year before retirement. She is considered the Girl of the Year for 2006.


  • Face Mold: Jess Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Brows: Feathered
  • Hair: Dark Brown with Red highlights, left side zig-zag part and no bangs
Jess's hair came in two loose braids.
  • Eyes: Dark Brown

Meet Outfit

The Jess doll.

Jess's meet outfit is intended to simulate a travel outfit for a warm Central American climate.


Orange halter top with pink, yellow, and green flower embroidery on the front. Velcros in the back.


Orange, tan, white and pink tye-dye print broomstick skirt.


Brown thong sandals with a natural braided bottom & red braided straps. The sandals have clear elastic straps to help keep them on a doll's feet.


White underwear with orange trim and a butterfly on the hip.

Dress Like Your Doll

The girls' version of Jess's outfit was available.

  • Halter Top: $26
  • Skirt: $36

Halter Top.



  • Jess was the first Girl of the Year to have pajamas in her collection.
  • Gwen Thompson's sandals are exactly the same as Jess's, except her braided straps are pink.
  • Jess was the first Girl of the Year to have a unique face mold.

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