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James McIntire is the father of Molly McIntire; she calls him "Dad."


James is a playful, fun man who Molly remembers as liking to joke and tease. He calls her "olly-Molly." He smokes a pipe that smells of vanilla and tobacco, and the plaid overchair in the living room is his seat in the house and smells of his pipe smoke. James is roughly six feet tall.[1]

James is mentioned in every book in Molly's books, but he is not present, as at the start of Meet Molly he has been away for seven months serving over in England as a doctor and part of the U.S. Army Medical Corps.[2] (since approximately March of 1943). He communicates with letters to his family which are screened and specifically written to not allow any information about the war to be leaked.

James does not appear in person until near the end of Changes for Molly, when he returns from overseas service.

In Clues in the Shadows James' personality has changed a bit since returning home. He doesn't joke or kid around as much anymore. He still works quite hard at his new job at the Veteran's Hospital.

In the Books[]

Meet Molly: An American Girl[]

Molly Learns a Lesson: A School Story[]

Molly's Surprise: A Christmas Story[]

Happy Birthday, Molly!: A Springtime Story[]

Molly Saves The Day: A Summer Story[]

Changes for Molly: A Winter Story[]

Molly's family gets a letter from Dad, saying he's coming back home and is due back on the 18th of March (so roughly two years since his leaving).

Clues in the Shadows[]

Chances and Changes: My Journey with Molly[]

In The Film[]

James appears in person in the film more than in the books; notably, he is present at the start of the film and lets Molly know that he is heading out for service, rather than having already left at the start.

James is played by David Aaron Baker.

References and Footnotes[]

  1. In Molly's Route 66 Adventure, Molly mentions that a ninety foot totem pole is fifteen times taller than him.
  2. Molly Learns a Lesson, article illustration, pg. 59: The blanket will be sent to a hospital in England, where Dr. James McIntire, the father of Molly McIntire, is working with the U.S. Army Medical Corps.