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Jacqueline Dembar Greene.

Jacqueline Dembar Greene is the author of the Rebecca series.


Jacqueline Dembar Greene (b. May 21, 1946) is of Jewish heritage. She grew up in the rural town of Bloomfield, Connecticut. Her father was the son and grandson of Russian immigrants.[1] She received a B.A. in French Literature from University of Connecticut with honors, followed by a M.A. degree in English Literature from Central Missouri University with special distinction. Following a brief career teaching French--in which she is fluent--she worked as a journalist for several Boston area newspapers. She began her career writing for children with several stories and poems before turning to longer fiction and non-fiction works. She has authored over forty pic­ture books, his­tor­i­cal nov­els, and non­fic­tion titles, many with Jew­ish themes and her books have received nation­al recog­ni­tion, includ­ing sev­er­al Syd­ney Tay­lor awards. Among her most well-known nov­els outside of American Girl's Rebecca series are Out of Many Waters and One Foot Ashore.

Mrs. Greene lives in Wayland, Massachusetts with her husband, Malcolm, and has two adult sons. She enjoys meet­ing read­ers, trekking the globe, gar­den­ing, and hiking.

American Girl Books[]

Historical Characters[]

Central Series[]

Historical Character Mysteries[]

My Journey Books[]

Other Non-AG Books[]

  • The Secret Shofar of Barcelona
  • Nathan's Hanukkah Bargain
  • Out of Many Waters
  • One Foot Ashore
  • Grizzly Bears: Saving the Silvertip
  • The 2001 World Trade Center Attack
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
  • Manabozho's Gift
  • What His Father Did
  • The Prince's Carpet
  • The Emperor's Teacup
  • With All My Heart, With All My Mind
  • Powwow: A Good Day to Dance
  • The Chippewa
  • The Maya
  • The Tohono O'odham
  • Slavery in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Marie: Mystery at the Paris Ballet Paris, 1775 (Girlhood Journeys Series)
  • Marie: Summer in the Country, France, 1775 (Girlhood Journeys Series)



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