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The Jacket and Cap Set (over the Coconut's Best Friend Outfit) on Just Like You 12 and Coconut.

The Jacket and Cap Set is a Just Like You outfit combined with a pet's outfit released in 2004 and retired in 2005. Retail cost was $26.

Doll's Jacket[]

Aqua and heather-grey hooded zip front jacket. Flower zipper pull. Coconut flower logo embroidered on left chest.

Doll's Cap[]

Blue denim cap. Coconut logo on front.

Pet's Shirt[]

Aqua shirt with purple flower and Coconut's name embroidered on front.

Pet's Cap[]

Blue denim cap with pawprint image and Coconut's name embroidered on front.


Blue ball with cord. Magnet so that pet can "hold" it in her mouth.


White round sew-on patch with Coconut's head for purchaser to use.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The children's jacket and cap was available.

  • Jacket and keychains: $38
  • Cap: $14

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