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Jack Kittredge is the father of Kit Kittredge; she refers to him as "Dad".


Personality and Facts

Jack--Kit's father--is the head of the household.

Jack was raised by Aunt Millie and her husband Uncle Birch after his parents died when he was young. They were the only family that Jack knew; this implies his parents died when he was very young. In college he was a baseball star. It was also established in Meet Kit that he was a soldier in World War I; he learned the song Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag while in service, which became the basis for his daughter's nickname.

Jack initially ran a car dealership, but with the Depression the market slowed and he thus struggled to keep his business afloat; this is in part because he chose not to fire any of his employees and used his own savings to pay their salaries until the dealership was forced to close. He struggles to find work and even goes as far as to get his meals in bread lines to help take the burden off his family. However as things become harder, he accepts that he has to travel to try and find work.

By the time of Changes for Kit, he has a part time job at the airport clearing land and building stone walls under one of President Roosevelt's programs, the Civil Works Administration; he still has some form of work at the airport by the events of Danger at the Zoo.

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In Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Much of Jack's actions and personality remains the same. However, early in the film, Kit's father goes to Chicago to try to find a new job and is gone for much of the events. He comes back very close to the end of the film, just in time to see the editor of the paper come and tell Kit that she has been published.

He is played by Chris O'Donnell.