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The Ivy Ling doll.

The Ivy Ling doll was released in 2007. She was the only Best Friend to be released simultaneously with her Historical Character, Julie Albright. Ivy was retired in 2014.

Ivy Doll[]

There are slight modifications to the eyes sockets.
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Black, straight, bangs, shoulder length
  • Eyes: Brown
Ivy has decal brown eyes, which are different from the standard brown used on most dolls. The other dolls with this style are Samantha Parkington and Claudie Wells.
  • Piercing: Ivy comes with pierced ears.

Meet Outfit[]


Ivy doll with Good Luck, Ivy.

Ivy's meet outfit and accessories reflects the fashions of the era--cowl neck shirts, bright colors, calf boots, and denim.


Colorful diamond print long sleeved knit shirt. Loose cowl neckline. Velcros up the back.


Green twill pants with contrast yellow stitching. Velcros at the waistband. Ivy comes with plastic wrapped around her legs to prevent leg staining from her pants while in her box.


Tan calf high boots. Decorative topstitching. Velcro up the back for ease of wear.


Chartreuse panties. Elastic banding on legs and wasitband. Rainbow on center front.


Removable gold-colored plastic stud earrings.

The doll was re-released with plastic stoppers due to a defect where the earrings would turn the doll's piercing holes green.

Meet Accessories[]


Ivy's Meet Accessories.


Felted raspberry-colored beret.


Light denim bag with fringe on the bottom. Bag is designed to look like it has been made out of an old pair of jeans. Contrast stitching. Yellow fabric handle with red polka dots. Patches decorate the bag, including a pink flower, an orange and yellow striped patch, a yellow and red polka dot patch, and a white cloud with a rainbow.


Pair of gold chandelier earrings. They do not go into the ears directly; there are loops at the top and they are to be put on the gold studs that come with Ivy.


Replica of a Chinese coin.

Mini Doll[]


Ivy's mini doll.

Unlike Julie and the other Best Friend dolls, Ivy's mini doll was not available with her release. The mini doll was released four years later in fall 2011, and it was retired in 2014.


  • Ivy was the first Asian character from the Historical Characters line, but not the first East Asian character to have her own doll; Chou Spring Pearl (of the Girls of Many Lands line) and Jess McConnell (of the Girls of the Year line) preceded her. However, she is as of 2024 the only Asian American Historical Character.
  • Ivy's hair is long at the start of Julie's series (at least waist length) and is cut short in Happy New Year, Julie!; American Girl gave the doll shoulder-length hair.
  • Ivy has the smallest collection of any Best Friend with only two outfits.
  • Just Like You 54, a similar modern doll, was released in 2011. This doll has slightly longer hair and did not have modifications to the eye sockets like Ivy. JLY 54 was produced with these modifications starting in 2015 after Ivy's retirement.