Isabelle's Sparkle Dress.

Isabelle's Sparkle Dress is part of Isabelle's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2014. The retail cost was $36.


Bright pink ballet dress consisting of a skirt sewn onto a leotard. Leotard is hot pink spandex coated with iridescent sequins, and is sleeveless with a wide neckline. Silver sequin trim at pointed waistline. Skirt has a curved asymmetrical design and is made of a layer of pink mesh studded with round silver sequins over a gathered layer of hot pink tulle.

Hair Clip

Sparkly silver hair clip with comb shape to slide into doll's hair. Design on clip is of fancy curving lines studded with rhinestones. Pink stand-up frill of a stiff sparkly material has a similar shape; this frill would sometimes get bent in the box despite careful packaging.

Ballet Slippers

Pale pink ballet slippers. No straps. Silver sequin trim around edge. White faux leather soles.


Simple bracelet consisting of three clear round beads threaded on dark pink stretchy ribbon tied in a knot.

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