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Isabelle's Pajamas.

Isabelle's Pajamas are part of Isabelle's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2014. The retail cost was $24.


Dark purple knit-fabric sleeveless top. Silver foil detail on front in a pattern of dots in assorted sizes around the small round neckline. Back has a slight yoke design. Light purple "Isabelle" tag attached in left side seam near hem.


Light purple pajama pants. Elastic waist with imitation drawstring bow at center front waist. There is a flap of the same fabric on the front of each leg; this is sewn into the waist and side seam but left loose along the curved edge for a faux-layered effect. Pants fall to just below the doll's knees. Light purple "Isabelle" tag in left side seam near hem.


Fuzzy greyish lavender slippers. Shoes are made in ballet-flat style with an elastic strap across the foot (strap is the same color as slipper fabric). The sole is formed with an inverted piece of the fuzzy fabric, giving slippers a fuzzy insole and a smooth fabric outer sole. Lilac satin bow at outside-of-foot end of strap.


Dark pink satin-covered headband. Rhinestone-studded ribbon bow on left side of headband.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The matching pajamas and slippers for children were available.

  • Pajamas: $40
  • Slippers: $22

The children's slippers were made into mules instead of flats; the strap remained.