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Isabelle's Dance Skirt.

Isabelle's Dance Skirt is part of Isabelle's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2014. The retail cost was $12.


Faux-wrap sequined skirt. Fabric consists of mini sequins in varying shades of light purple sewn to a net backing, sequins are spaced close enough together to make the fabric mostly opaque. Skirt is lined with a lilac mesh fabric. False double sash detail around skirt waist made of stretchy lilac fabric, more of the same forms a bow at the left side of skirt front. Though the skirt curves up to an overlap in the front, there is no opening; elastic pull on waist. Light purple "Isabelle" tag on back of waist.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

IsabelleDanceSkirt Girls

Dance Skirt for Children.

The children's dance skirt was available for a cost of $38.