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Isabelle's Dance Case.

Isabelle's Dance Case is part of Isabelle's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2014. The retail cost was $44.


Pale gray faux-leather rounded dance case. Coral faux-leather trim around edges, carrying handle of same material. Outside of case is decorated with the following images: a lavender silhouette of a ballerina in arabesque pose, a rectangular lilac sticker with "Hart DANCE Company" in dark lavender and white text under white leaping dancer silhouette that is Isabelle's logo, and a pale lilac oval sticker with "WASHINGTON" in small dark-lavender letters superimposed over "DC" in large white letters. These are all on the front of the case, the left side also has a white rectangular sticker with "I (dark pink heart) DANCE" in dark gray letters. Isabelle's name written in silver glittery script on right side of front of case, near the bottom. Bottom panel of case can hinge open, there is no trim on this panel. Two gold-color plastic latches hold case shut. Inside of case is lined with bright coral satin; inside of lid has an elastic-edged pocket of same material to hold smaller items.

Bun Helper[]

Cream-colored foam bun helper with wire frame. Comes with a sheet of instructions on how to use it to put Isabelle's hair into a bun.


Twelve hair elastics; three each lilac, coral, dark pink, and bright yellow.

Bobby Pins[]

Four lilac and four coral bobby pins.


Three stretchy headbands in sparkly pale pink, metallic silver, and metallic gold.

Ballet Shoes[]

Pale pink ballet slippers. Matching elastic strap across doll's foot. Tiny pink bow at front of slipper opening, cluster of silver studs forming a sparkly design on toe of slipper. Pink faux-leather sole.


Small sheet of plain stickers to decorate the case further. Large and small circle gems in dark purple, medium purple, coral pink, and pale pink; three star gems in medium purple and three in pale pink.