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Isabelle's Ballet Barre.

Isabelle's Dance Barre is part of Isabelle's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2014. The retail cost was $65.


Two-level dance barre. Coral pink curlicue frame with white Hart DANCE Company in white text on center plate. Plastic light brown bars with faux wood texture attached to frame with silver plastic brackets; non removable. Four rounded rubber feet. Dark pink American Girl logo on upper bar near right end.

Yoga Mat[]

Dark pink foam yoga mat. Decorated with white curlicues and Hart Dance Company logo in thin white text.

Mat Carrier[]

Dark pink mat carrier. Magenta and white ribbon strap. Velcro closure. Isabelle's name embroidered in white script on side of carrier.


Coral pink ballet slippers. Single elastic strap over foot is attached to looped elastics that simulate ribbons crisscrossed around doll's ankles. Coral pink fold over elastic straps. Coral pink faux-leather soles. Similar to the shoes in Isabelle's Performance Set.


Two coral grosgrain ribbon "resistance" straps. Each strap is sewn into a loop at one end for doll's wrist or ankle and has gray plastic clip on the other end that clip onto barres.

Water Bottle[]

White plastic water bottle. Dark pink lid with small handle and spout. Ballet written in dark pink script on one side below a dark pink silhouette of a dancer on a background of coral curlicues.

Support Bandage[]

Stretchy lilac fabric bandage with hook side of Velcro at one end. Can be wrapped and/or fastened around any of the doll's limbs.


Small pamphlet of exercises and poses the doll can do at the barre. Pamphlet is illustrated with drawings to resemble Isabelle dressed in purple leotard with black leggings.

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