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Intruders at Rivermead Manor is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kit's books.


From the Central Series[]


Chapter By Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: A Cry for Help[]

Chapter Two: A Desperate Woman[]

Chapter Three: The Underground Railroad[]

Chapter Four: The Time Portal[]

Chapter Five: A Dinnertime Interruption[]

Chapter Six: Secret in the Attic[]

Chapter Seven: Stirling Smells a Rat[]

Chapter Eight: Footprints in the Dust[]

Chapter Nine: The Hidden Room[]

Chapter Ten: A List of Suspects[]

Chapter Eleven: Little Orphan Annie[]

Chapter Twelve: No Place Like Home[]

Chapter Thirteen: Mysterious Uncle Hendrick[]

Chapter Fourteen: "The Pore and Needy Ones"[]

Chapter Fifteen: Out of Darkness into Light[]

Looking Back[]

Discusses the Underground Railroad and the popularity of science fiction during the 1930s. Topics covered:

  • The runaway slaves that headed towards Cincinnati on their way up North, as the city was located across a river that bordered states that legalized slavery.
  • The Underground Railroad, which helped many slaves escape to freedom, and the use of secret rooms and tunnels to help hide slaves.
  • Prejudice African Americans faced during the Great Depression, with many employers, landlords and charities refusing to hire or serve black families.
  • The treatment of children at various orphanages, with some having children work in order to earn their keep and punishing children for breaking minor rules.
  • Desperation people had with finding ways to distract themselves from the harshness of the Depression, with some turning to science fiction novels for solace.
  • The War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938, which had many people believing the events of the story were actually happening in real life.
  • Science fiction stories providing a feeling of hope for people during the Depression by showing inventions that could solve serious problems.

Book Covers[]


  1. Pg. 2: For the past two years there had been lodgers to feed, rooms to clean, and extra laundry to do, but the whole [Kittredge] family pulled together now. Meet Kit is set in 1932.
  2. Pg. 4: Over a year ago, Kit had taken in a stray dog - a large basset hound that she named Grace. Kit adopted Grace during the events of Happy Birthday, Kit!, in 1933.