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Innerstar University was an online virtual world for the My American Girl dolls.

On May 21, it was announced that the site would close on November 5, 2015.[1]


The site required a Doll Code and a Star Code before a person could enroll their doll at Innerstar University and obtain full access. This was restricted to newly purchased My American Girl dolls released prior to the Truly Me launch in 2015 as the necessary codes were bundled with the Real Me Outfit and the True Spirit Outfit, however, Innerstar University gamebooks include a Star Code that allowed access to the site for 14 days.


Membership was free during its availability, but the site was only accessible with the purchase of a My American Girl Doll.


The Campus was an interactive place where virtual versions of the dolls could walk, talk, shop, and play games. In order to get from place to place, users must use the map or walk.

Rising Star Stables

Rising Star Stables was a location where girls can play the game, Jump for Gold. In this game, girls could lead their doll around on a horse. Added on August 2012 was Horse Sense, where girls could care for the horses.

Amber, a virtual version of JLY 40, was the guide.

Blue Sky Nature Center

Blue Sky Nature Center was an area where girls could come and meet. There were two games, Hike and Seek, a scavenger hunt game, and Shadow Play, a shadow puppet game.

Paige, a virtual version of JLY 24, was the guide.

Star Student Center

Star Student Center was a location where girls could show their Innerstar U spirit. The U-Rah-Rah store was where girls could purchase virtual Innerstar U-themed outfits and accessories. There were three games, Cupcake Crazy, where girls could create virtual cupcakes according to recipes, Pajama Pile, where girls must turn pictures of avatars so that they will fit into a prescribed grid, which appears in many different shapes, and Bake Sale, a logic puzzle game.

Sparkle Studios

Sparkle Studios was an area focused on being creative. Girls could chat and meet each other.

The Pretty Patterns game was playable at Sparkle Studios. It was removed in July 2012 but returned later.

Brightstar House

Brightstar House was an interactive place where each avatar had a room. Each room had a closet where the avatar's clothes were stored, a vanity where avatars could change their look, a bookshelf where samples of American Girl's books could be checked out from the library, a table where the yearbook could be found, and a pet bed so students could pet sit, and play the game Pet Play. There was a game that could be played with friends or solo called Packing Pals, added in October 2012.

Shelby, a virtual version of JLY 44, was the guide.

Starlight Library

Starlight Library was a location on campus where avatars could check out samples of American Girl books. Students could also play Help Desk Hubbub, a game where students answer real-life school questions. Also, if girls have an Innerstar University gamebook, they can access secret endings in the Secret Endings Room.

Logan, a virtual version of JLY 19, was the guide.

Starfire Boathouse

Starfire Boathouse was a location where students could come and chat. There is one game in this area, Starfire Regatta.

Emmy, a virtual version of JLY 47, was the guide.

U-Shine Hall

U-Shine Hall was a place where avatars could come and express themselves through a dance and a music game. Dance Spectacular was a single or multiplayer game where girls tap the right keys so their avatar will dance the correct moves. Melody Maker was a game where students could choose an instrument and a song, and then tap the right keys so that the song will be played correctly.

Neely, a virtual version of JLY 23, was the guide.

Five-Points Plaza

Five-Points Plaza was the central location on campus. Here, avatars could meet and walk around on the star-shaped deck. There was also a game there, called Special Delivery.

Real Spirit Center

Real Spirit Center was a location that focuses on relieving stress and calming down. This area was set up to look like a peaceful Oriental garden with a pond and a thatched hut for yoga. Body Balance was a game where dolls become avatars doing yoga and practicing moves. Girls learned tips on learning how to become calm.

Although not stationed at the Real Spirit Center, Riley, a virtual version of JLY 27, was the guide.

Good Sports Center

The Good Sports Center was a place where avatars could come and play sports-based games. The game Dive In! was where the avatar could dive and earn points for good dives. Pom-Pom Power was a game where your doll became head-cheerleader and cheer. Girls learned fun cheers and confidence tips. The last game was Game On!, where dolls played a series of sports-themed mini-games.

Riley, a virtual version of JLY 27, was the guide.

Shopping Square

Shopping Square was a location where girls could buy virtual items for their avatars. The stores in this area were: Real Beauty Salon, Casual Closet, Girl Gear, Pajama Jam, Twinkly Toes, Pet Palooza, Dream Decor, Bravo Boutique, and Glittering Gown.

Isabel, a virtual version of JLY 33, was the guide.

Morningstar Meadow and The Market

The Market was an area where students could come and chat or play Bright Kites, a game where girls were in charge of handling their own kites and dragging them across clouds in patterns. There was also a donation game, where girls could donate clothes or stars, called Care & Share.

Although not stationed in the area, Paige, a virtual version of JLY 24, was the guide.


Sixteen Innerstar University gamebooks were released prior to the Truly Me revamp in 2015. All books have the eight Innerstar Guides as additional characters, as well as unique characters.

With the InnerstarU website now defunct, the online endings for these books are no longer available[2].

There is also a series of Innerstar University activity books:

System Requirements

American Girl recommended the following minimum system requirements to access Innerstar U:[3]

PC Requirements

Mac Requirements

  • 2.0 GHz or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger"
  • RAM: 512MB recommended
  • Browsers: Safari 4.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Google Chrome
  • Monitor Resolution: Optimized for 1024 x 768 or larger
  • Flash version 10 and high-speed Internet required

Linux support

Despite not being officially supported by American Girl, the game could also run on most Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian, provided that they support Adobe Flash which was required to run the game. In addition to desktop Linux distros, it was also possible to play Innerstar University on an Android device that had Adobe Flash installed.


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