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The In-Line Gear as seen on a rewigged modern doll.

The In-line Gear was an American Girl of Today outfit released in 1996 and retired in 2001. Retail cost was $28.


White short-sleeve T-shirt. Large multicolored American Girl of Today logo on the front. Velcros up the back.


Green thigh length bike shorts. Elastic waist.


Black and purple-trimmed in-line skates. Yellow tongue and clasps; purple straps. Four purple wheels. Side clasps open on hinge to allow ease in putting on doll.

Wrist Guards[]

Black wrist guards. Purple plastic bar stiffener. Elastic and velcro closure.

Knee Pads[]

Black and purple knee pads. Elastic and Velcro closure.


Dark purple safety helmet. Red trim and grey base. American Girl logo in black and white on front; "American Girl" on back right. Elastic and clasp closure.

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