The cover of the Winter 2007 Issue.

Imagine Magazine was a free magazine billed as being for girls and their dolls, encouraging activities and creative play. The magazine ran from Winter 2005 to Winter 2007 and had seven issues of about 20-24 pages in length.


The first magazine was sent out for free with orders for the 2005 Holiday season, along with cards offering a free subscription to the magazine. The magazine was released with a set pattern of Spring, Summer, and Winter Issues.

The magazine was discontinued unexpectedly after the Winter 2007 issue. Subscribers were sent postcards explaining that the magazine would be discontinued.

Possible reasons for discontinuation were high costs of production and distribution for a no-cost magazine or that it was a test magazine that did not do well with the targeted customers.


Dear Reader

A letter to the readers, as well as a note for locating Coconut in the magazine.

Smile File

User-submitted photographs of girls and their dolls.

Doll Play

Play scenarios and craft ideas with dolls. Sometimes included a hairstyle.

Variant Activity

A one or two page activity that varied per issue:

  • A New Name: Names and their meanings, including those of the Historical Characters.
  • Best Buds: The symbolic meanings of flowers (quiz).
  • Fun in the Sun: Tips on doll photography.
  • Glitter It!: Crafting glittery doll ornaments.
  • Out and About: Ideas for going out with dolls.
  • Travel Tips: Tips for traveling with a doll.
  • Find It!: Visual scavenger hunt.

Cute Crafts

Themed crafts for dolls.

AG Characters

Activities involving the Historical Characters.

Fashion Pages

Black and white images to design clothes on.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Brief interview with an American Girl employee.

Cut it Out!

Activity page with cutouts.

Doll Hospital

Before and after stories of dolls sent to the American Girl Hospital.


A picture of posed dolls by an adult collector with a scenario.

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