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I Like Your Style Outfit as shown on Just Like You 6.

The I Like Your Style Outfit is the seventh meet outfit for the Just Like You dolls, replacing the Ready For Fun Outfit in 2006 and replaced by the Star Hoodie Outfit in 2008.

I Like Your Style Outfit[]

The outfit could be purchased separately for $26.


Long-sleeved shirt with stylized flower graphic. Periwinkle, lavender, pink, white, and silver graphic. Flower graphics down the sleeves. Velcros up the back.


Periwinkle pleated skort (skirt with attached shorts underneath). Elastic waist. American Girl logo patch on hem.

Ponytail Holders[]

Two lavender ponytail holders.


White panties with silver trim.


Periwinkle boots. Silver trim at the top and a silver bow in back. Velcros up the back.




The coordinating accessories were sold separately for $20. They were not included as a package deal with the doll.


Periwinkle drawstring bag.


Keychain with Coconut charm and key


Miniature copy of American Girl magazine


Five pretend $1 bills.

Library Card[]

Pretend library card

Ponytail Holders[]

Two lavender ponytail holders with pink beads.

Book and CD[]


The Sparkle, Spirit, Style! book and CD.

Dolls in this outfit came with a copy of a book with the lyrics from the song "Sparkle, Spirit, Style" and a CD with a recording of the song.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The children's outfit was available:

  • Top : $28
  • Skort : $32


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