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Hopscotch hill brand

Hopscotch Hill School is a line of characters and dolls focused on an early elementary school age classroom, aimed at the four to six year old demographic. The line was released in 2003 and ultimately retired in 2006.


The line focused on a group of students in Miss Spark's elementary class.


The books were written by Valerie Tripp and illustrated by Joy Allen, aimed at early elementary readers. The books have very simple plots that taught basic educational and personal skills for young children such as cooperation, handling teasing, and being a good sport. Each book has a "Dear Parents" section at the back that includes activities, tips, and information on how to encourage a young child's skills and confidence.

There were two other reading-related items:

Dolls and Characters[]

Dolls of four of the characters were made; three were released when the line released in 2003, with Gwen being released in 2004. Dolls were sixteen inches tall and made of vinyl and plastic with ball jointed knees and elbows, painted static eyes, and wigged hair. Retail cost was $48 for a doll with her accompanying book. All meet outfits were available separately for $22.


Additional Outfits[]


Miscellaneous Items[]

  • Teacher Play Kit
  • Keepsake Pillow for Girls

See Also[]

  • WellieWishers, a line aimed at elementary aged children launched in 2016.